Chris Gould
NCSU Physics Department Head
110 Cox Hall NCSU
Office: (919) 515-2521
Bio:     My research is carried out at Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory and elsewhere.  At TUNL, we use polarized beams and polarized targets to study parity and time reversal violation symmetry terms in the nuclear force and to test the limits of validity of meson exchange models of the nuclear force.  Our group has used cryogenic techniques to polarize nuclear targets ranging from hydrogen, deuterium and 3-helium up to heavy nuclei such as 165-holmium.  Recently we have begun to collaborate in programs to study the properties of the neutrino, in particular to learn whether they have mass and whether they are their own anti particle.  This work involves a new US-Japan collaboration to build a one thousand ton liquid scintillator detector - KamLAND - to study reactor neutrino oscillations, and a new US neutrino detector project - OrLAND - at the spallation neutron source at Oak Ridge.
Projects: KamLAND, Time Reversal Invariance


Seth Hoedl
Princeton Graduate Student
TUNL/Duke University
P.O. Box 90308
Durham, NC 27708
Office: 919 660-2615
Bio:     Seth Hoedl is completing his fourth year of graduate studies at Princeton University. He is presently developing novel electron transparent proton detectors at NCSU/TUNL with Prof. Albert Young.
Projects: UCNA, Proton Detector Development (UCN related experiment)
Web page:


Chen-Yu Liu
Princeton Graduate Student
312B Cox Hall NCSU
Phone: 919 513-0319
Bio:    Chen-Yu Liu is a fifth year Graduate Student in Princeton University. Her thesis research is on developing an intense ultra-cold neutron source using solid deuterium, and some other condensed matter equipped with internal degrees of freedom, with density of states greatly match the cold neutron spectrum.
Projects: UCNA


Diane Markoff
NCSU Assistant Research Professor
Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab
P.O. Box 90308
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0308
Office: 919 660-2624
Bio:    Within the realm of the weak interaction, Diane Markoff's research concentrates in two areas: neutrino oscillation studies and fundamental symmetries with cold neutrons.  Specifically, she is an active member of the KamLAND Japanese-American collaboration to measure anti-neutrinos from nearby power reactors.  Dr. Markoff is also involved in the next generation measurements of the neutron spin-rotation through liquid helium and hydrogen targets.  Her life as a graduate student was devoted to the first neutron spin-rotation measurement in helium for which she was handed a PhD degree.
       Other research interests include nucleon-nucleon strong interaction studies with polarized beams and targets.
       Dr. Markoff pursued undergraduate studies in Engineering Physics with a Nuclear Engineering emphasis at the University of California, Berkeley.  In 1997 she received her Ph.D. degree in experimental Nuclear Physics from the University of Washington Nuclear Physics Laboratory.
Projects: KamLAND, Spin Rotation


Gail McLaughlin
Office: 919 513-0516
Bio:    My research interests are in nuclear and particle astrophysics, concentrated in the general areas of neutrinos, nucleosynthesis, supernovae and gamma ray bursts. You can learn more about these issues, and about my path to NC State, by following the links on my home page.
Projects: OMNIS


Jason Messimore
NCSU Graduate Student
Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab
P.O. Box 90308
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0308
Office: 919 660-2614

     Jason is a big bad senior at NC State.
Quote: "I am a wussy wussy wuss wuss!"
Projects: KamLAND


Ryan Rohm
311 Cox Hall NCSU
Office: 919 513-0319
Lab: 919 513-4608
@TUNL: 919 660-2624
Bio:     BS, Physics and BS, Mathematics, NCSU, 1980; PhD, Physics, Princeton; Postdoctoral fellow, CIT, 1985-1988; Ass't Prof., BU, 1988-1995; MSc., Computer Science, NCSU, 1997; KamLAND, TUNL (NCSU/Duke), 1998-current. Adjunct Prof., UNC-CH, 1997-present. Publications in experimental high-energy physics, quantum field theory, mathematical physics and cosmology. Currently involved with KamLAND:
Quote: Quidquam circumambit, circumvenit.
Projects: KamLAND:


Jonathon Waldes
NCSU Undergraduate Student
Burlington Laboratory
Cell: 919 308-5593
Bio:     Jonathon is an Undergraduate student at NC State. He is currently pursuing a double major in Nuclear Engineering and Computer Science. He is looking forward to learning and making a contribution in his work with Dr. Young's group.
Quote: Have you seen Dr. Young anywhere?
Projects: Group Web Page


Albert Young
NCSU Professor
312 COX, BOX 8202 NCSU
Office: 919 513-4596
Bio:     Albert's research interests are multi-disciplinary, with emphasis on atomic and nuclear/particle physics. Recent projects include producing spin polarized atomic Rb vapors in 4K He vapor, high precision measurements of neutron decay using polarized ultra-cold neutrons (UCN), superthermal UCN sources, and particle astrophysics measurements.
               Albert obtained a bachelor's degree at the University of Washington in Seattle, and a PhD at Harvard, graduating in 1990. He then worked for two years at Caltech and eight years at Princeton before moving to NCState.
Quote:  "Aanvallen!"
Projects: UCNA, Depolarization Studies at ILL, SD2 Source at NCState, KamLAND:


Yang-Ping Xu
NCSU Graduate Student
312 Cox Hall NCSU
Office: 919 513-0319
Projects: SD2 Source at NCState, UCNA