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Self-Registration for Entering Freshmen

To register for classes you will need your Unity ID and password, which you should receive in the U.S. mail from Registration and Records. If you have questions after reviewing the material on this page, please contact us. Your primary contact for freshmen registration is

Betsy Alexieff
First Year Advisor
Room 419E, Riddick Hall
ewalexie 'at'

Your secondary contact for registration is:

Prof. David Brown
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Room 319F, Riddick Hall
David_Brown 'at'

Registration and Records provides a tutorial to help you through the Freshmen Self Registration Program.

When you first open up your schedule online, you may find that you are already registered for one or more courses. This is the University's attempt to get you into appropriate classes before sections begin filling up. Although these pre-registered courses are not set in stone, you are strongly encouraged to contact your advisor before changing or dropping something that is already on your schedule.

Building your class schedule

Most students build a semester schedule with 12 to 18 credit hours of courses. To graduate in four years, you will need to average about 15 hours per semester. You need to register for a minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered a full time student. Note that you will be expected to spend 2 to 3 hours working on a course outside of class for every hour in class. That means if you take 15 semester hours of course work, you will be spending 45 to 60 hours during your week on school work.

Here is an example of a typical schedule for a first semester freshman in Physics.

Course Title Course Prefix/Number Credit Hours
University Physics I PY 201
Calculus I MA 141
Academic Writing and Research ENG 101
Science of Change COS 100
Physics Today PY299

This schedule adds up to 15 hours. As an alternative to ENG 101, you may want to take CH 101/102. This is a required course that most students take in their first or second semester as a physics major. You might also consider an introductory course in the Humanities or Social Sciences, such as economics (EC 201) or psychology (PSY 200). When choosing a course always check your degree audit to make sure the course will satisfy a degree requirement. The current 8--semester displays are BS Display  for the physics BS degree, and BA Display for the physics BA degree.