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Physics Honors Program

The Physics Department honors program recognizes talented students who go beyond the basic curriculum by participating in independent research projects and advanced physics courses.

Honors Status

Physics majors attain "honors status" prior to graduation by:

  • Completing at least two PY courses at the 400 level (excluding PY407) with an average grade of 3.5 or better in these courses.
  • Having an overall grade point average at NCSU of 3.0 or better.

Students who satisfy these criteria should ask the honors adviser or undergraduate program director (DUP) to be granted honors status. Students with honors status are given priority enrollment.

Graduation with Honors

Physics majors graduate with physics honors by:

  • Completing 3 hours of Independent Research. (PY499 or a substitute approved by the honors adviser or DUP. Paperwork must be on file.)
  • Completing 9 hours of physics courses at the 500 level with a B- or better in each. (Courses at the 500 level from other departments can be used with special permission from the honors adviser or DUP.) One 400 level physics course (excluding PY407) taken with the Honors Contract may be substituted for a 500 level course.
  • Having an overall grade point average of 3.4 or better.


Students who meet the criteria for graduation with physics honors are awarded a certificate signed by the Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. They also receive an honors seal on their diploma, and the phrase "Completed Honors Program in Physics" is added to their permanent transcript.