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Advising for PY Majors

Physics majors at NC State are assigned an academic adivsor who will assist students in planning academic programs suited to their interests and abilities and their career objectives. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor whenever they have questions or concerns, but at a minimum students must meet with their advisor once a semester prior to registering for classes for the next term.

David Brown (Director of Undergraduate Programs) and Betsy Alexieff (College of Sciences Academic Advisor) serve as academic advisors for entering freshmen prior to and during their first semester on campus. In the spring of their first year, most physics majors will be assigned to a member of the faculty who will serve as their advisor for the remainder of their time in the physics program. These advisors have less then a dozen advisees, helping maximize personal attention to each student. Students who are not yet matriculated into the Physics Program are encouraged to contact the DUP with their questions and concerns. If at any time a physics major wishes to work with a different advisor, he/she may request a change of advisors from the DUP.

Prof. Reynolds serves as the physics advisor for students persuing a minor in physics.