NCSU X-ray Microscopy Research Group: Scientific Results

A selection of scientific results reflecting recent results in the application of Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy to polymer physics, materials science and engineering and instrument development.

Polymer Physics:
[Dewetting of Polymer Bilayers] [Pre-print (pdf)]
[Dunamics of Phase Separation in thin Polymer Films]

Morphology of Mechanically Milled Polymers:
[Poly(ethylene terephthalate)/Vectra Blends]
[Rubber toughening of PMMA via mechanical milling]

[Orientation in Kevlar]

Multicomponent - multiphase polymers:
["Defective" Liquid Crystalline Polyester]
[Morphology of PET/LDPE/Kraton Ternary Polymer Blend]
[Macrophase-Separated Random Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Blend]

Wet Cell Microscopy:
[Superabsorbent Polymers: Variation in Crosslink Density in Polyacrylic Acid]

Analysis of Polyurethane Polymers (Collaboration with McMaster, Dow)
[NEXAFS models for Polyurethane Polymer Components]
[Quantification of Chemical Components in Polyurethane Polymers]
[Chemical Indentification of Precipitate Chemistry in Polyurethane Foams]
[Identification of Polymer Fillers]

Instrumental Development and Characterization:
[Beam-induced "damage" in polymers]

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