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Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Research in Electronic, Photonic, and Energy Materials

Highly visible and award winning research using a number of sophisticated experimental tools (e.g. quartz crystal microbalance, fs spectroscopy, spectroscopic tunneling microscopy, synchrotron methods, etc.) is performed on a range of electronic, photonic, and energy materials that spans from oxide interlayers, to topological insulators, graphene and polymeric solar cells, of which which we determine their electronic, opto-electronic, structural, frictional and spin properties. Interdisciplinary, convergent science efforts focusing on organic and related reduced dimensional systems have been recently co-located in Partners-III on Centennial campus to be in close proximity to synthetic chemists and various engineering departments, and to make efficient use of shared facilities These efforts constitute the nucleus of the recently established ORganic and Carbon Electronics Laboratory (ORaCEL).

Recent highlights include:

   Valleytronic femtosecond measurements in transition metal dichalcogenites
   Record efficiences for Organic PhotoVoltaics
   Novel measurement of molecular orientation in orgrnic photovoltatic devices

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