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Kiana Setoodehnia



I graduated from Shiraz University, Iran, in 2004 with an Honors B. Sc. in nuclear physics. Shortly after, I moved to Ontario, Canada, and a year later, I started graduate school majored in experimental nuclear astrophysics at McMaster University. My Ph.D. thesis (under supervision of Professor Alan A. Chen) involved studying properties of the poorly understood, at the time, resonant structure of a radioactive isotope of sulfur, 30S, via charged particle and in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy measurements. Such high-resolution measurements proved to be eventually important in better understanding explosive nucleosynthesis in novae environments.

I remained at McMaster for a year and a half after I graduated in 2011 with a Ph.D. continuing to do research on various projects (related to nuclear astrophysics and nuclear data evaluation) and I also became a sessional faculty for one semester. I then continued my career as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Notre Dame from mid–2013 to mid–2015. There, I played a major role in commissioning a newly installed electrostatic accelerator, and constructing, characterizing and optimizing the accelerator’s beamlines and their components.

My postdoctoral position at University of Notre Dame was followed by a 6- month period of absence from active research due to caring and family responsibilities, which took me to Iran, where I am originally from.

Currently, I am enrolled in a second postdoctoral position at North Carolina State University under direction of Professor Richard Longland. My primary research plan is to assist in commissioning the Enge Spectrograph at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory to be able to conduct experiments in nuclear astrophysics to investigate nuclear structure aspects significant in various stellar evolutionary scenarios.

Select Publications

Excited states above the proton threshold in 26Si.
   T. Komatsubara, S. Kubono, T. Hayakawa, T. Shizuma, A. Ozawa, Y. Ito, Y. Ishibashi, T. Moriguchi, K. Y. Hara, H. Yamaguchi, D. Kahl, S. Hayakawa, Dam N. Binh, A. A. Chen, J. Chen, K. Setoodehnia, T. Kajino, The European Physical Journal A 50 (2014) 136.

MESA and NuGrid simulations of classical nova outbursts: CO and ONe nova and nucleosynthesis.
   P. A. Denissenkov, U. Battino, F. Herwig, K. Setoodehnia, M. Pignatari, R. Trappitsch, J. W. Truran, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 442 (2014) 2058.

Evidence for the existence of the astrophysically important 6.40-MeV state of 31S.
   S. D. Irvine, A. A. Chen, A. Parikh, K. Setoodehnia, T. Faestermann, R. Hertenberger, H.-F. Wirth, V. Bildstein, S. Bishop, J. A. Clark, C. M. Deibel, J. Hendriks, C. Herlitzius, R. Krücken, W. N. Lennard, O. Lepyoshkina, R. Longland, G. Rugel, D. Seiler, K. Straub, C. Wrede, Physical Review C 88 (2013) 055803.

Constraining nova observables: Direct measurements of resonance strengths in 33S(p,γ)34Cl.
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Compilation of directly measured nuclear spins of ground states and long-lived isomers.
   A. MacDonald, B. Karamy, K. Setoodehnia, B. Singh, Nuclear Data Sheets 114 (2013) 397.

Nuclear structure of 30S and its implications for nucleosynthesis in classical novae.
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Measurement of the 17O(p,γ)18F reaction rate at astrophysically relevant energies.
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Production of 26Al in stellar hydrogen-burning environments: spectroscopic properties of states in 27Si.
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High Fluence Ion-Implanted 32S Targets for Astrophysics Studies
   W. N. Lennard, K. Setoodehnia, A. A. Chen and J. Hendriks, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 269 (2011) 2726.

Spins and parities of astrophysically important 30S states from 28Si(3He,nγ)30S.
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Structure of 30S with 32S(p,t)30S and the thermonuclear 29P(p,γ)30S reaction rate.
   K. Setoodehnia, A. A. Chen, J. Chen, J. A. Clark, C. M. Deibel, S. D. Geraedts, D. Kahl, P. D. Parker, D. Seiler, and C. Wrede, Physical Review C 82 (2010) 022801(R) [see also October-2010 issue of “Physics - Spotlighting Exceptional Research" (American Physical Society)].

First direct measurement of the 23Mg(p,γ)24Al reaction.
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Toward precise QEC values for the superallowed 0+ ⇒ 0+ decays of T=2 nuclides: The masses of 20Na, 24Al, 28P, and 32Cl.
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