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Viet Man

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Dr. Viet Hoang Man earned BS and MS degrees in Physics from Hanoi University of Science (VNU). He worked as lecture on Physics at Thainguyen University of Sciences from 2003 to 2008. He performed his Ph.D study at Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFPAN) and received Doctorate in Physics in 2013. He joined North Carolina State University in October 2013 as postdoctoral research scholar in Prof. Christopher Roland and Prof. Celeste Sagui's group.

His research interests include Biophysics, computational biology, biomolecular simulation, folding and misfolding kinetics of proteins, drug design, binding affinity, and free energy. His research accomplishments include the first theoretical demonstration of the correlation between the binding affinity and aggregation inhibition of beta-sheet breaker peptides to Amyloid Abeta peptides, and discovering some small molecule and short tripeptides as candidates for Alzheimer's Disease drugs.

Select Publications

Effect of Tottori mutation (D7N) on dynamics of amyloid beta peptides: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease
Man Hoang Viet, Phuong Hoang Nguyen, Son Tung Ngo, Mai Suan Li, and Philippe Derreumaux
ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 4(11):1446-1457, 2013

Discovery of dihydrochalcone as a potential lead for alzheimer’s disease: in silico and in vitro study
Man Hoang Viet, Chun-Yu Chen, Chin-Kun Hu, Yun-Ru Chen, and Mai Suan Li
Plos One, 8(11):e79151, 2013

Amyloid peptide Aβ40 inhibits aggregation of Aβ42: Evidence from molecular dynamics simulations
Man Hoang Viet and Mai Suan Li
Journal of Chemical Physics, 136:245105-245115, 2012

Inhibition of aggregation of amyloid peptides by beta-sheet breaker peptides and their binding affinity
Man Hoang Viet, Son Tung Ngo, Nguyen Sy Lam, and Mai Suan Li
J Phys Chem B, 115(22):7433-7446, 2011