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Mithat Ünsal

Associate Professor


I mostly work on dynamics of gauge theories with applications to QCD, theoretical lattice field theory and mathematical physics. My interests to date included: Gauge theory dynamics, QCD, Resurgence theory and its applications to QFT and quantum mechanics, Picard-Lefschetz/resurgence theory of path integration, Supersymmetry on lattice, Lattice gauge theory, Large-N volume independence, Eguchi-Kawai reduction, Orbifold-orientifold equivalences, Supersymmetric gauge dynamics, Classification of topological excitations (magnetic monopoles, magnetic and neutral bions, semi-classical renormalons) and confinement mechanisms.

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Deconstructing zero: resurgence, supersymmetry and complex saddles.
G. V. Dunne, M. Ünsal JHEP., 12, 1 (2016)

New Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory: From Large-N Orbifold Equivalence to Bions and Resurgence
G. V. Dunne, M. Ünsal Annu. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci., 66, 245-272 (2016)

Chiral Lagrangian from Duality and Monopole Operators in Compactified QCD
A. Cherman, T. Schäfer, M. Ünsal Phys. Rev. Lett., 117, 081601 (2016)

Complexified path integrals, exact saddles and supersymmetry
A. Behtash, G. V. Dunne, T. Schäfer, T. Sulejmanpasic, M. Ünsal Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 011601 (2016)

Decoding perturbation theory using resurgence: Stokes phenomena, new saddle points and Lefschetz thimbles
A. Cherman, D. Dorigoni, M. Ünsal JHEP, 2015, Article 56 (2015)

Resurgence in Quantum Field Theory: Nonperturbative Effects in the Principal Chiral Model
A. Cherman, D. Dorigoni, G. V. Dunne, M. Ünsal Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 021601 (2014)

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