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Jae Y. Park

Professor Emeritus


Professor Park received his PhD in 1962 from the University of North Carolina in 1962, and joined the NC State Department of Physics that year.

Theoretical investigations of nuclear reactions with heavy ions are carried out by Dr. Park to understand the interplay of reaction mechanisms and nuclear structure. Theory of nuclear molecular phenomena and heavy ion resonances are being developed and applied to various heavy-ion systems. Coupled channel calculations using the particle-core model and the theory of inelastic excitation and nuclear transfer in the dynamical two-center shell model are performed. Newly discovered resonance mechanism and nuclear Landau-Zener effects in nucleus-nucleus collisions which are based on a systematic study of two-center single-particle energies and level crossings are investigated to understand single-particle effects and to establish the formation of nuclear molecular orbitals during heavy ion collisions.

In the framework of the particle-hole formalism and the asymmetric two-center shell model a microscopic description of excitation and transfer of nucleons and clusters in nucleus-nucleus collisions are studied. Professor Park's research is in theoretical nuclear physics. An overview of his work appears in the book Nuclear Molecules (World Scientific Publishing Company, 1995), which he co-authored.

Select Publications

Nuclear Molecules. J. Park, W. Greiner and W. Scheid. World Scientific Publishing Co., (1995).

"Heavy Ion Physics and Nuclear Molecules," The 1994 KSEA Technical Symposium Proceedings. J. Park. (1994). p. 27-42 .

"Nuclear Molecular Phenomena in Heavy Ion Collisions," Frontier Topics in Nuclear Physics. J. Park, A. Thiel, W. Scheid and W. Greiner. Plenum Publishing Co., A. Sandulescu and W. Scheid, editor. (1993).