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Divine Kumah

Assistant Professor


Divine Kumah received his Ph.D in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan in 2009 and did postdoctoral research at the Center for Research in Interface and Surface Phenomena at Yale University. His research interests are in experimental condensed matter physics and are aimed at understanding the novel properties which emerge at the interfaces between crystalline materials.

The Kumah Research Group at NC State uses state of the art atomic layer-by-layer deposition techniques including molecular beam epitaxy to fabricate thin crystalline oxide films. The group is focused on understanding how atomic-scale structural distortions at interfaces can be manipulated to induce novel electronic and magnetic phenomena and the development of pathways for harnessing these unique functionalities for electronic and energy applications. Tools used by the group include atomic force microscopy, electron diffraction and synchrotron-based x-ray spectroscopy and diffraction.

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Engineered Unique Elastic Modes at a BaTiO3/(2×1)−Ge(001) Interface
   D. P. Kumah, M. Dogan, J. H. Ngai, D. Qiu, Z. Zhang, D. Su, E. D. Specht, S. Ismail-Beigi, C. H. Ahn, F. J. Walker, Physical Review    Letters, 116 (10), 106101 (2016)

Orbital Engineering in Symmetry-breaking Polar Heterostructures
   A S. Disa, D.P. Kumah, A. Malashevich, H. Chen, D. A. Arena, E. Specht, F. J. Walker, S. Ismail-Beigi, and C. H. Ahn., Physical Review    Letters, 114 (2), 026801 (2015)

Effect of Surface Termination on the Electronic Properties of LaNiO3 Films
   D. P. Kumah, A.i Malashevich, A. S. Disa, D. A. Arena, F. J. Walker, S. Ismail-Beigi, C. H. Ahn, Physical Review Applied, 2, 054004 (2014)

Tuning the Structure of Nickelates to Achieve Two-Dimensional Electron Conduction
   D.P. Kumah, AS Disa, J.H Ngai, H Chen, A. Malashevich, J. W. Reiner, S. Ismail-Beigi, F.J. Walker and C.H. Ahn., Advanced Materials, 26, 1935 (2014)

Atomic-scale Mapping of Quantum Dots Formed by Droplet Epitaxy
   D. P. Kumah, S. Shusterman, Yossi Paltiel, Y. Yacoby and R. Clarke., Nature Nano. 4, 835 (2009)

Structural Basis for the Conducting Interface between LaAlO3 and SrTiO3
   P. R. Willmott, S. A. Pauli, R. Herger, C. M. Schlepütz, D. Martoccia, B. D. Patterson, B. Delley, R. Clarke, D. Kumah, C. Cionca, and Y.    Yacoby, Physical Review Letters 99, 155502 (2007)