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Charles E. Johnson

Professor Emeritus


Professor Johnson received his PhD in 1967 from Yale University. His major research effort involves the investigation of fundamental properties of simple atomic and molecular systems using precision measurement techniques. The experimental results are appropriate for testing quantum electro-dynamics and for the determination of fundamental constants. Among the most precise measurements in physics are those in the area of atomic physics, Dr. Johnson uses tunable dye lasers, ion traps and computerized resonance detectors to perform precision measurements of atomic energy levels and magnetic g-factors of simple atomic and molecular systems. These measured quantities are relevant to the values of fundamental constants and serve as important tests of the theory of quantum electrodynamics. In 1973, he joined the NC State Department of Physics as an assistant professor.

Select Publications

Honors & Awards

  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Yale University Ford Fellowship
  • Yale University Sterling Fellowship
  • Sigma Xi