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Kenan Gundogdu

Associate Professor


Professor Gundogdu received his PhD in 2004 from the University of Iowa. Then he continued his postdoctoral studies at the University of Iowa between 2004-06 and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology between 2006-08. He recently joined the physics faculty at North Carolina State University.

During his PhD work, he used ultrafast spectroscopic techniques to study electron and hole spin dynamics in quantum dots and narrow band gap semiconductor heterostructures with the motivation of developing spin based electronic devices. In his postdoctoral studies, he developed novel spatio-temporal pulse shaping methods for IR and optical 2D Fourier transform spectroscopy, the optical analogue of multi-dimensional NMR experiments. He performed these experiments to study electron dynamics in condensed matter systems and vibrational dynamics in biomolecules and hydrogen bonding complexes.

His research at NC State involves developing novel ultrafast spectroscopic methods to address problems in condensed matter physics and nanoscience. His program especially focused on the investigation and characterization of coherent and incoherent exciton dynamics that play a critical role in determining the energy conversion efficiency in photovoltaic devices. His ultimate goal is to provide clear understanding of photon absorption, exciton transport, and charge separation dynamics in novel nanostructures to help engineering high efficiency solar energy conversion devices.

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Efficient Charge Transfer and Fine‐Tuned Energy Level Alignment in a THF‐Processed Fullerene‐Free Organic Solar Cell with 11.3% Efficiency.
Z. Zheng, O.M Awartani, B. Gautam, D. Liu, Y. Qin, W. Li, A. Bataller, K. Gundogdu, H. Ade, J. Hou
Advanced Materials,   29,  1604241  (2017)

Efficient Generation of Long-Lived Triplet Excitons in 2D Hybrid Perovskite
R. Younts, H.S. Duan, B. Gautam, B. Saparov, J. Liu, C. Mongin, F.N. Castellano, D.B. Mitzi, K. Gundogdu
Advanced Materials,   29,  1604278  (2017)

Fundamental limits of exciton-exciton annihilation for light emission in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers
Y. Yu, Y. Yu, C. Xu, A. Barrette, K. Gundogdu, L. Cao
Physical Review B,   93,  201111  (2016)

A femtosecond study of the anomaly in electron injection for dye-sensitized solar cells: the influence of isomerization employing Ru (II) sensitizers with anthracene and phenanthrene ancillary ligands
H. Cheema, R. Younts, L. Ogbose, B. Gautam, K. Gundogdu, A. El-Shafei
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,   17,  2750-2756  (2015)

Exciton valley relaxation in a single layer of WS 2 measured by ultrafast spectroscopy
C. Mai, Y. G. Semenov, A. Barrette, Y. Yu, Z. Jin, L. Cao, K. W. Kim, K. Gundogdu
Physical Review B,   90,  041414  (2014)

Many-body effects in valleytronics: Direct measurement of valley lifetimes in single-layer MoS2
C. Mai, A. Barrette, Y. Yu, Y. G. Semenov, K. W. Kim, L. Cao, K. Gundogdu
Nano letters,   14,  202-206  (2013)

Thecoherent optical laser beam recombination technique (COLBERT) spectrometer: Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy made easier
Daniel B. Turner, Katherine W. Stone, Kenan Gundogdu,  Keith A. Nelson
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 081301 (2011) (cover- invited article)

Measurement and control of in-plane surface chemistry during the oxidation of H-Terminated (111) Si
Bilal Gokce, Eric J. Adles, David E. Aspnes, Kenan Gundogdu
PNAS 107, 17503–17508 (2010)

Two-Quantum 2D FT Electronic Spectroscopy of Biexcitons in GaAs Quantum Wells
Stone KW, Gundogdu K, Turner DB, et al.
Science   324,  1169-1173  (2009)

Two-Quantum 2D FT Electronic Spectroscopy of Biexcitons in GaAs Quantum Wells
Stone KW, Gundogdu K, Turner DB, et al.
Science   324,  1169-1173  (2009)

Efforts toward Developing Probes of Protein Dynamics: Vibrational Dephasing and Relaxation of Carbon-Deuterium Stretching Modes in Deuterated Leucine
Zimmermann J, Gundogdu K, Cremeens ME, et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B   113,  7991-7994  (2009)

Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy made easy
Gundogdu K, Stone KW, Turner DB, et al.
Chemical Physics   341,  89-94  (2007)

Relaxation and anharmonic couplings of the O-H stretching vibration of asymmetric strongly hydrogen-bonded complexes
Gundogdu K, Bandaria J, Nydegger M, et al.
Journal of Chemical Physics   127,  044501  (2007)

Vibrational relaxation of C-D stretching vibrations in CDCl3, CDBr3, and CDl(3)
Gundogdu K, Nydegger MW, Bandaria JN, et al.
Journal of Chemical Physics   125,  174503  (2006 )

Room-temperature electric-field controlled spin dynamics in (110)InAs quantum wells
Hall KC, Gundogdu K, Hicks JL, et al.
Applied Physics Letters   86,  202114  (2005)

Electron and hole spin dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots
Gundogdu K, Hall KC, Koerperick EJ, et al.
Applied Physics Letters   86,  113111  (2005)

Ultrafast electron capture into p-modulation-doped quantum dots
Gundogdu K, Hall KC, Boggess TF, et al.
Applied Physics Letters   85,  4570-4572  (2004)

Honors & Awards

  • Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award