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Donald C. Ellison



Professor Ellison received his PhD in 1982 from The Catholic University of America. He spent a year at the Service d'Astrophysique, Saclay, France before taking up a joint postdoctoral position at the University of Maryland and NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. He joined the faculty of North Carolina State University in 1987. The year 1995 was spent on sabbatical at the Service d'Astrophysique and the Fall semester of 2007 was spent at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University.

Most of Ellison's research has centered on developing theoretical models of particle acceleration mechanisms in astrophysics. He was among the first to recognize the importance of nonlinear effects in diffusive shock acceleration and he developed Monte Carlo computer simulations to investigate this effect. This work has been applied to the production of cosmic raysin supernova remnants as well as to collisionless shocks in the heliosphere. He was also among the first to investigate the effects of efficient particle acceleration in relativistic shocks with applications to gamma-ray bursts. Other research accomplishments associated with shocks include the modeling of the production of strong magnetic turbulence in shocks and the use of particle-in-cell computer simulations to investigate the injection of thermal particles into the diffusive shock acceleration mechanism.

Select Publications

Slane, Lee, Ellison, Patnaude, Hughes, Eriksen, Castro & Nagataki, 2014, ApJ, 783, 33
"A CR-hydro-NEI Model of the Structure and Broadband Emission from Tycho's Supernova Remnant"

Ellison, Warren & Bykov, 2013, ApJ, 776, 46
"Monte Carlo Simulations of Nonlinear Particle Acceleration in Parallel Trans-relativistic Shocks"

Lee, Slane, Ellison, Nagataki & Patnaude, 2013, ApJ, 767, 20
"A CR-hydro-NEI Model of Multi-wavelength Emission from the Vela Jr. Supernova Remnant (SNR RX J0852.0-4622)"

Bykov, Ellison & Renaud, 2012, Space Science Reviews, 166, 71
"Magnetic Fields in Cosmic Particle Acceleration Sources"

Lee, Ellison & Nagataki, 2012, ApJ, 750, 156
"A Generalized Model of Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration Coupled to an Evolving Supernova Remnant"

Bykov, Ellison, Osipov, Pavlov & Uvarov, 2011, ApJ, 735, 735
"X-ray Stripes in Tycho's Supernova Remnant: Synchrotron Footprints of a Nonlinear Cosmic-ray-driven Instability"

Ellison & Bykov, 2011, ApJ, 731, 87
"Gamma-ray Emission of Accelerated Particles Escaping a Supernova Remnant in a Molecular Cloud"

Bykov, Osipov & Ellison, 2011, MNRAS, 410, 39
"Cosmic ray current driven turbulence in shocks with efficient particle acceleration: the oblique, long-wavelength mode instability"

Ellison, Patnaude, Slane & Raymond, 2010, ApJ, 712, 287
"Efficient Cosmic Ray Acceleration, Hydrodynamics, and Self-Consistent Thermal X-Ray Emission Applied to Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7-3946"

Vladimirov, Bykov & Ellison, 2009, 703, L29
"Spectra of Magnetic Fluctuations and Relativistic Particles Produced by a Nonresonant Wave Instability in Supernova Remnant Shocks"

Patnaude, Ellison & Slane, 2009, ApJ, 696, 1956
"The Role of Diffusive Shock Acceleration on Nonequilibrium Ionization in Supernova Remnants"

Bykov, Uvarov & Ellison, 2008, 689, L133
"Dots, Clumps, and Filaments: The Intermittent Images of Synchrotron Emission in Random Magnetic Fields of Young Supernova Remnants"

Vladimirov, Bykov & Ellison, 2008, 688, 1084
"Turbulence Dissipation and Particle Injection in Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration with Magnetic Field Amplification"

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"Three-dimensional Model of Broadband Emission from Supernova Remnants Undergoing Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration"

Ellison & Vladimirov, 2008, ApJ, 673, L47
"Magnetic Field Amplification and Rapid Time Variations in SNR RX J1713.7-3946"

Ellison, Patnaude, Slane, Blasi & Gabici, 2007, ApJ, 661, 879
"Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnants and the Production of Thermal and Nonthermal Radiation"

Vladimirov, Ellison & Bykov, 2006, ApJ, 652, 1246
"Nonlinear Diffusive Shock Acceleration with Magnetic Field Amplification"

Ellison & Cassam-Chenaļ, 2005, ApJ, 632, 920
"Radio and X-Ray Profiles in Supernova Remnants Undergoing Efficient Cosmic-Ray Production"

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"Nonlinear particle acceleration at reverse shocks in supernova remnants"

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"Thermal X-Ray Emission and Cosmic-Ray Production in Young Supernova Remnants"

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"Galactic Cosmic Rays from Supernova Remnants. I. A Cosmic-Ray Composition Controlled by Volatility and Mass-to-Charge Ratio"

Baring, Ogilvie, Ellison & Forsyth, 1997, ApJ, 476, 889
"Acceleration of Solar Wind Ions by Nearby Interplanetary Shocks: Comparison of Monte Carlo Simulations with ULYSSES Observations"

Ellison, Baring & Jones, 1996, ApJ, 473, 1029
"Nonlinear Particle Acceleration in Oblique Shocks"

Bennett & Ellison, 1995, JGR, 100, 3439
"Investigation of intrinsic variability in one-dimensional parallel shocks using steady state hybrid simulations"

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"Electron acceleration in Tycho's and Kepler's supernova remnants - Spectral evidence of Fermi shock acceleration"

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Ellison, D.C., Jones, F.C. and Eichler, D., J. Geophys. (Zeitschrift Geophysik), Vol. 50, 1981, pages 110-113
"Monte Carlo Simulation of Collisionless Shocks Showing Preferential Acceleration of High A/Z Particles"

Honors & Awards

He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a member of the American Astronomical Society.