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William R. Davis

Professor Emeritus


Professor Davis received the PhD from the University of Goettingen in 1956 and joined the NC State Department of Physics in 1957.

Professor Davis’ research has been in mathematical physics, with special emphasis on field theory. He was also the editor of the acclaimed Collected Works with Commentaries of Cornelius Lanczos.

Select Publications

Recent Publications

Cornelius Lanczos Collected Published Papers with Commentaries. I-VI. Raleigh, NC 27695-8202: North Carolina State University, William R. Davis, Moody T. Chu, Patrick Dolan, James R. McConnell, Larry K. Norris, Eduardo Ortiz, Robert J. Plemmons, Don Ridgeway, B. K. P. Scaife, William J. Stewart, James W. York, Jr., Wesley O. Doggett, Barbara M. Gellai, André A. Gsponer, Carmine A. Prioli, editor. (1998). Click here to view this publication.

"Introduction: Lanczos's New Derivation of Dirac's Equation and His Attempt to Interpret These Results in Terms of Field Theory," III. Davis, William R. and Norris, Larry. p. 2-1287-2-1292.

"Introduction: Lanczos's Contributions to Relativistic Quantum Mechanics," III. Davis, William R. and Gsponer, André. p. 2-1123-2-1129.

"Introduction: Cornelius Lanczos and the Early Development of Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics-The Early Papers," III. William R. Davis. p. 2-845-2-856.

"Commentary on Lanczos's Papers On Covariant Integral Conservation Laws," II. William R. Davis. p. 2-628-2-637.

"Commentary on Lanczos's 'Zum Problem der Unendlich Schwachen Felder in der Einsteinschen Gravitationtheorie'," I. Davis, William R. and Kheyfets, Arkady. p. 2-308-2-309.

"Introduction: The Early Publications of Cornelius Lanczos on General Relativity in the Period 1922-1934," I. William R. Davis. p. 2-3-2-11.