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Karen E. Daniels

University Faculty Scholar


Professor Daniels received her PhD in 2002 from Cornell University and spent 2002-5 as a postdoctoral research associate at Duke University. She joined the faculty of North Carolina State University in 2005, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011. She was a 2007 recipient of an NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award, and a 2011 recipient of an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship which provided support for a sabbatical leave to the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen, Germany.

Her main research interests center around experiments on the nonequilibrium and nonlinear dynamics of granular materials, fluids, and gels. These experiments have allowed her lab to address questions of how failure occurs, how non-trivial patterns arise, and what controls the transitions between different classes of behaviors. Several of these studies have used idealized systems to provide insight into biological and geological phenomena.

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Collin B. Eaker, David C. Hight, John D. O'Regan, Michael D. Dickey, Karen E. Daniels. Oxidation-Mediated Fingering in Liquid Metals Physical Review Letters (2017) [Link]

Marion Grzelka, Joshua B. Bostwick, and Karen E. Daniels. Capillary fracture of ultrasoft gels: Variability and delayed nucleation Soft Matter 13: 2962-2966 (2017) [Link]

Lia Papadopoulos, James G. Puckett, Karen E. Daniels, and Danielle S. Bassett. Evolution of network architecture in a granular material under compression Physical Review E 94: 032908 (2016) [Link]

Dapeng Bi, Silke Henkes, Karen E Daniels, Bulbul Chakraborty The statistical physics of athermal materials Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 12: 63-83 (2016) [Link]

Danielle S Bassett, Eli T Owens, Mason A Porter, M Lisa Manning, Karen E Daniels Extraction of force-chain network architecture in granular materials using community detection Soft Matter 11: 2731-2744 (2015) [Link]

Joshua B. Bostwick, Michael Shearer, Karen E. Daniels Elastocapillary deformations on partially-wetting substrates: rival contact-line models Soft Matter 10: 7361-7369 (2014)

James G. Puckett and Karen E. Daniels. Equilibrating temperaturelike variables in jammed granular subsystems [Link] [APS Synopsis] Physical Review Letters 110: 058001 (2013)

Eli T. Owens and Karen E. Daniels. Acoustic measurement of a granular density of modes Soft Matter 9:1214 (2013) [Link]

Carlos P. Ortiz, Robert Riehn, and Karen E. Daniels. Flow-Driven Formation of Solid-like Microsphere Heaps. Soft Matter, 9 (2), 543 - 549, 2013 [Link]

Kiri Nichol and Karen E. Daniels. Equipartition of rotational and translational energy in a dense granular gas. Physical Review Letters 108, 018001 (2012) [Link]

Nicholas W. Hayman, Lucie Ducloué, Kate L. Foco, Karen E. Daniels. Granular controls on periodicity of stick-slip events: kinematics and force-chains in an experimental fault. Pure and Applied Geophysics 168: 2239-2257 (2011) [Link]

Melissa L. Fender, Frederic Lechenault, Karen E. Daniels. Universal shapes formed by two interacting cracks. Physical Review Letters 105: 125505 (2010). [Link]

David W. Fallest, Adele M. Lichtenberger, Christopher J. Fox, and Karen E. Daniels. Fluorescent visualization of a spreading surfactant. New Journal of Physics 12: 073029 (2010). [Link]

Sally E. Thompson and Karen E. Daniels. A Porous Convection Model for Small-Scale Grass Patterns. The American Naturalist. 175: E10-E15 (2010) [Link]

Honors & Awards

  • 2011 Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship
  • 2007 NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award