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Jason Russell Bochinski

Research Assistant Professor


Professor Bochinski earned his BS in Physics from MIT and worked for several years in research and development for GTE Laboratories, Inc., before receiving a PhD in 2000 from the University of Oregon. Following postdoctoral research at JILA/University of Colorado, he joined NC State University as a Research Professor in 2005.

Professor Bochinski's research interests are broad. He is a co-author of eight issued U. S. patents concerning electrodeless high intensity discharge lighting. His PhD work investigated dressed atom dynamics and lasing without inversion processes in bichromatic excitation fields. His postdoctoral research involved generation of cold polar molecules utilizing time-varying, spatially inhomogeneous, electric fields. Other work has explored fundamental characterization and spectroscopic measurements of cold alkaline earth-like atoms within magneto-optical traps. Most recently, his research has focused on the development of novel, nanoscale experiments such as sensitive optical and dielectric measurements, to study the dynamical processes of molecules on surfaces.

Select Publications | Complete List Of Publications

Enhanced crystallinity of polymer nanofibers without loss of nanofibrous morphology via heterogeneous photothermal annealing
V. Viswanath, S. Maity, J. R. Bochinski, L I. Clarke, and R. E. Gorga
Macromolecules   49,  9484 (2016)

Blending with Non-Responsive Polymers to Incorporate Nanoparticles into Shape Memory Materials and Enable Photothermal Heating: The Effects of Heterogeneous Temperature Distribution
D. B. Abbott, S. Maity, M. T. Burkey, R. E. Gorga, J. R. Bochinski, and L. I. Clarke
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics   215,  2345 (2014)

Control of the electric field-polymer solution interaction by utilizing ultra-conductive fluids
N. M. Thoppey, R. E. Gorga, L. I. Clarke, and J. R. Bochinski
Polymer   55,  6390 (2014)

Thermal annealing of polymer nanocomposites via photothermal heating: effects on crystallinity and spherulite morphology
V. Viswanath, S. Maity, J. R. Bochinski, L. I. Clarke, and R. E. Gorga
Macromolecules   46,  8596 (2013)

Anisotropic Thermal Processing of Polymer Nanocomposites via the Photothermal Effect of Gold Nanorod
S. Maity, K. A. Kozek, W-C. Wu, J. B. Tracy, J. R. Bochinski, and L. I. Clarke
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization   30,  193 (2013)

Metal nanoparticles acting as light-activated heating elements within composite materials
S. Maity, J. R. Bochinski, and L. I. Clarke
Adv. Funct. Mater.   22,  5259 (2012)

Spatial Temperature Mapping within Polymer Nanocomposites Undergoing Ultrafast Photothermal Heating via Gold Nanorods
S. Maity, W-C. Wu, C. Xu, J. B. Tracy, K. Gundogdu, J. R. Bochinski, and L. I. Clarke
Nanoscale   6,  15236 (2014)

Edge electrospinning for high throughput production of quality nanofibers
N. M. Thoppey, J. R. Bochinski, L. I. Clarke, and R. E. Gorga
Nanotechnology   22,  3454303 (2011)

Embedded metal nanoparticles as localized heat sources: an alternative processing approach for complex polymeric materials
S. Maity, L. N. Downen, J. R. Bochinski, and L. I. Clarke
Polymer   52,  1674 (2011)

Honors & Awards

He received the Leslie H. Warner Award for Technical Achievement from GTE and was a recipient of a Department of Energy Graduate Fellowship as well as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship. He is a member of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America.