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Directory of Faculty & Staff - Hover over linked buildings and phones for alternate information

Name Tel Building Room Title E-mail Address

Ade, Harald 515-1331 PIII 157 Professor
Arakelyan, Ilya 513-0359 Riddick 208 Research Scholar
Aspnes, David E. 515-4261 Riddick 204 Professor and Dir of Grad Program

Bataller, Alex PIII 135 Research Assistant Professor
Beichner, Robert J. 515-7226 Riddick 246 Professor
Bennett, Rhonda 513-2182 Riddick 204 Graduate Program Coordinator
Berthier, Estelle Postdoctoral Research Associate
Bernholc, Jerzy 515-3126 Riddick 440 Professor
Blondin, John M. 515-7865 Cox 300 Senior Associate Dean for Administration

Bochinski, Jason 513-7939 Riddick 142 Research Assistant Professor
Borkowski, Kazimierz 515-7287 Riddick 400H Research Professor
Briggs, Emil PIII 120E Research Scholar
Brown, J. David 515-7471 Riddick 319F Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Buehring, Chastity 513-4033 Riddick 422 Contracts and Grants Specialist
Chabay, Ruth Professor Emerita
Chung, Kwong T. Professor Emeritus

Clarke, Laura I. 513-7359 Riddick 143 Professor
Cochran, Leslie 513-3007 Riddick Suite 421 Administrative Support Associate
Cook, James W., Jr. Professor Emeritus
Cotanch, Stephen R. Professor Emeritus

Daniels, Karen 513-7921 Riddick 258C Professor
Davis, E. David 513-0134 Riddick 160C Research Associate Professor Davis, William R. Professor Emeritus

Dinku, Abay 515-8537 PIII 127 Research Assistant Professor
Ditto, William Riddick 224 Professor
Dougherty, Daniel 513-2610 PIII 155 Associate Professor
Dudley, Kevin 513-8302 Riddick 308 Physics IT
Dyer, Ashley 515-2512 Riddick 424 Accounting Technician
Egler, Robert A. 515-7842 Fox Labs 236 Director of Instructional Labs and Senior Lecturer

Elting, Mary 513-0959 Riddick 258A Assistant Professor
Ellison, Donald C. 515-7227 Riddick 400L Professor Emeritus
Fornes, Raymond E. Professor Emeritus
Fortner, Brand 515-8663 Riddick 302 Teaching Professor
Fröhlich, Carla 515-3441 Riddick 400K Associate Professor

Golub, Bob 513-0357 Riddick 160B Professor
Gould, Christopher R. Professor Emeritus
Green, Kory Postdoctoral Research Associate
Green, Matt 513-0602 Riddick 160D Assistant Professor
Gundogdu, Kenan 513-3409 PIII/Riddick 153/446 Associate Professor
Haase, David G. 513-7023 Riddick 145 Professor Emeritus
Hall, George L. Professor Emeritus
Hallen, Hans 515-6314 Riddick 258F Professor
Heyward, Keith 513-3001 Riddick 309 Teaching Associate Professor

Huffman, Paul 515-3314 Riddick 160D Professor and Department Head
Hu, Huawei PIII 137 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ji, Chueng R. 515-3478 Riddick 400C Professor
Johnson, Charles E. Professor Emeritus
Johnston, Karen L. Professor Emerita
Kamata, Syo Riddick 410 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Katzin, Gerald H. Professor Emeritus
Kaur, Parminder 515-8048 Riddick 248 Research Assistant Professor
Kelley, John 660-2631 TUNL Research Associate Professor
Kemper, Alexander 515-7339 PIII/Riddick 123/438 Assistant Professor
Kia, Behnam 513-0359 Riddick 224B Research Engineer

Kneller, James 513-4826 Riddick 400e Associate Professor

Krim, Jacqueline 513-2684 PIII 145 Professor
Kumah, Divine 513-6565 PIII 125 Assistant Professor
Lado, Fred 515-7050 Riddick 442 Professor Emeritus
Lazzati, Davide Adjunct Associate Professor
Lee, Dean Adjunct Professor
Leung, Kent 513-0337 Riddick 160H Research Assistant Professor
Lewis, Zach Riddick 304 Lecturer/Tutorial Center Coordinator
Lim, Shuang Fang 513-4827 Riddick 258D Assistant Professor
Longland, Richard 515-3398 Riddick 160A Assistant Professor
Lu, Wengchang 513-4632 PIII 123 Research Associate Professor
Mack, Katherine 513-0515 Riddick 400D Assistant Professor

Martinez Guerrero, Mauricio Riddick 410 Postdoctoral Research Associate
McLaughlin, Gail 515-0516 Riddick 400G Professor
Mehta, Vijaya 513-3002 Riddick 160G Lecturer
Mitas, Lubos 513-0406 PIII 120B Professor
Mitchell, Gary E. Professor Emeritus
Nahid, Masrur PIII 139 Postdoctoral Research Associate

Paesler, Michael A. 513-2184 Riddick 102 Professor Emeritus
Pan, Hai Riddick 248 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Park, Jae Y. Professor Emeritus
Parker, George W. Associate Professor Emeritus
Patty, Richard R. Professor Emeritus
Pearl, Thomas P. Adjunct Professor
Philbrick, Russell 513-7174 Riddick 102 Professor Emeritus
Reynolds, Stephen P. 515-7751 Riddick 400J Professor
Richers, Sherwood Riddick 406 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Riehn, Robert 513-0841 Riddick 258B Associate Professor

Roland, Christopher 515-3170 PIII 120D Professor
Roof, Stetson Riddick 208 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Rowe, Jack 515-3225 PIII 147 Research Professor
Sagui, Celeste 515-3111 Riddick 319C Professor
Savage, Rebecca J. 515-2522 Riddick 422 Business Officer
Schäfer, Thomas 513-2522 Riddick 400F Professor
Setoodehnia, Kiana TUNL Postdoctoral Research Associate
Sherwood, Bruce Professor Emeritus
Skokov, Vladi Riddick 400E Professor
Stiles, Phillip Professor Emeritus
Sun, Dali 515-6671 Partners III 147 Assistant Professor
Thomas, John E. 515-5966 Riddick 245 Professor

Ünsal, Mithat 515-7914 Riddick 400M Associate Professor

Wang, Hong 513-7203 Riddick 258E Assistant Professor
Warren, Keith 513-2708 Riddick 432 Assistant Department Head
Webster, Zodiac 513-7935 Riddick 306 Teaching Assistant Professor
Wehmeyer, Benjamin Riddick 408 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Weninger, Keith 513-3696 Riddick 144 Professor

Ye, Long PIII 141 Research Assistant Professor
York, James Professor Emeritus
Young, Albert 513-4596 Riddick 160E Professor