Theory Talk is an informal setting for fellow NC State physicists to see and hear work currently being pursued within the department. Speakers are encouraged to talk about work in progress and exchange ideas with the audience. Faculty, postdocs, and especially graduate students are encouraged to attend and present. Interested visitors and researchers from the Triangle area are also welcome.


Burak Sahinoglu (CalTech)
Wednesday, 1:00 PM, March 28, Riddick 400P
Tensor networks and topological phases of quantum matter
In this talk, I first review the tensor network states which have successfully been applied to numerical and analytical study of quantum many-body states. In particular we will see how to rephrase common notions such as path integrals, low energy states, etc. in terms of tensor networks. I will then apply this framework to characterize and classify gapped phases of matter in 1+1, 2+1, and higher dimensions. The results get weaker as the space dimension goes higher, hence there's a lot of open questions to which I'll give a glimpse at the end of the talk. The talk requires no prior knowledge beyond quantum physics of many-body systems.