red dot American Physical Society, Member (1983-present)

Organizer, Focused Session on Tribology, March 1996, 1998, 2002, 2011 Meetings

Member-at-Large to the Executive Committee of the Division of Materials Physics for the American Physical Society, (2002-2005) and Division of Condensed Matter Physics, (2005-2008)

Vice-chair, (Chair) of the Davidson Germer prize committee for the 2009 (2011) prize

DCMP Fellowship Award Committee for 2007-2009

Vice Chair and Chair for Southeast section of the APS selection committee for the Beams award for research, 2008-2009

Outreach to Congress Advisory Committee, 2008-2009

  red dot American Vacuum Society, Member since (1987)

Student Issues Committee (1989-1999); Co-Chair (1989-1991)

Nanometer Science and Technology Division: Executive Committee (1992-1994)

Board of Trustees (1992-1995); Chair (1994-1995)

Surface Science Division: Executive Committee (1995-1999); Program Chair (1998); Division Chair (1999)

Organizer, Session on Atomic-Scale Friction, ICMCTF, April 1995

Organizer, Session on Atomic-Scale Friction, ICMCTF, April 1996

Chair of the AVS Education Committee, and charged with coordination of scientific and technical outreach efforts at the national level for the AVS. AVS representative to the AIP Liaison Committee on Physics Education. 2004, 2005

  red dot Co-chair, Euresco Conference on Friction, Fracture and Nanomechanics, (2004)

  red dot Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, Member (1996-present)

Editorial Board Member for Tribology Transactions (1996 - 2003)

  red dot Editorial Board Member for Tribology Letters (1996 - 2005)

  red dot Advisory Editorial Board for Surface Science (1999 - 2004)

  red dot Northeastern University Physics Department

Assistant Department Head, assigned teaching loads and supervised staff (1993-1998)

  red dot North Carolina State University

Colloquium Committee Chair (1999-2000)

Computational Materials/Biomaterials Research Committee (1999-2000)

Advisory Committee (1999-2002)

Personnel Committee; committee chair for 4 years/8 hires (2001-2008)

Professional Science Masters Degree Committee (2005-2006)

Undergraduate Advisor (2006-2008)

  red dot Manuscript Reviewer for Applied Surface Science, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology, Langmuir, Nature, Physical Review B & E, Physical Review Letters, Physics Today, Science, and Surface Science,

  red dot Member, conference organizer team, Southeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (2010)


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