Ultrafast electron/exciton dynamics in organic materials

We are utilizing two-dimensional ultrafast optical spectroscopy to study ultrafast electron/exciton dynamics in organic materials particularly conjugated polymers and their heterojunctions with fullerenes. The experiment consists of a sequence of 60fs pulses with variable delay periods in between them.  

Different timing, frequencies and intensities of these pulses result in 2D spectral surfaces that provides information about the electronic coupling, coherent/incoherent electron motion, inhomogeneity as well as charge separation and transport dynamics.  Our 2D experiment is tunable from visable to near IR frequency, which is senstive to important excitations such as poltroons, polaron pairs and excitons.

Measurement and control of in-plane surface Chemistry

This research focusses on developing a new methodology to measure and control surface chemistry in semiconductors on the bond level. We achieve this by characterizing surfaces or interfaces with the nonlinear optical technique of Second-Harmonic Generation (SHG) and analyzing the SHG data with the Anisotropic Bond Model.

Our research highlights the diagnostic power of nonlinear optics in assessing interface reactions. In addition, in-plane directional control of surface chemistry during interface formation opens up new opportunities for device structures and other applications.

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