Principal Investigator

Kenan Gundogdu

Kenan Gundogdu




Postdoctoral Research Associate


Bhoj Gautam

Research Interest: Ultrafast Photophysics (charge transfer process) of Organic and dye sensitized solar cells.

Favorite Scientist: Einstein

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
Hobby: Playing soccer and volleyball, swimming

Graduate Research Assistant


Cong Mai

Research Interest: spin and valley relaxation in atomically thin 2D material; ultrafast dynamics in organic photovoltaics; instrumentation
Favorite Scientist: Heisenberg
Favorite sport: Swimming
Favorite Team: Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.

Hobby: Traveling, Reading

Chao Xu

Research Interests: Ultrafast dynamics on interfaces and thin films
Favorite Scientists: Richard Feynman, Xuesen Qian
Hobby: Soccer, Cycling


Andrew Barrette

Research Interest: Exciton Dynamics 2D layer materials

Favorite Sport: Running

Hobbies: Fixing things and running experiments

Robert Younts

Research Interests: Ultrafast dynamics in organic photovoltaics

Favorite Scientist: Enrico Fermi

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Teams: NC State University, Carolina Panthers

Hobbies: Grilling, Hiking, Water skiing, Hunting

Undergraduate Students

Alex Hutchins

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC



                  2012 - present B.Sc. Physics, NC State University

                  2012 - present B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, NC State University

Hobbies: playing guitar, 3D printing, and ping pong

Sam Sridhar

Research interests: studying surface dynamics using second harmonic generation with ultra high vacuum (UHV) techniques, pump-probe 2-D Fourier Transform spectroscopy on conjugated polymer blends 

Favorite book: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers by Goethe

Favorite Hobbies: running, and playing violin.

Favorite scientist: David Bohm


Former Members

Bilal Goekce

Bilal Gökce

Graduate Student 2009-2012, Postdoc 2012-2013 Email:

Current position: Group Leader at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, Bilal's Website

Sinan Can

Summer Intern 2011


Current position: PhD Student at UC Berkeley

Nirjal Sapkota

Master's Student 2010-2011


Mark Learner

Summer Intern 2010


Current position:  EMC Test Engineer at Toshiba

Servet S. Senlik

Summer Intern 2009


Current position: PhD Student at University of Michigan

Eric J. Adles

Postdoc 2009


Current position: Staff of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Eric's Website




David E. Aspnes

  • Research: Experimental and theoretical work on the development and application of optical techniques for the analysis of materials, thin films, interfaces, and structures. These techniques include spectroscopic ellipsometry, modulation spectroscopy, reflectance-difference spectroscopy, and materials-and interface-analysis using nonlinear optics.


Gerald Lucovsky

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Kenan Gundogdu