March 30, 2013: Dr. Gundogdu named an ONR Young Investigator !
Conguratulations to Kenan for the ONR award for the research project titled: "Diffusion, Relaxation, and Charge Separation Dynamics of Photoexcitations in Semiconductor Polymers"


  September 11, 2012: Bilal passed his Ph.D. defense
Congratulations to Bilal who passed his thesis defense entitled "Measurement and Control of in-plane Surface Chemistry at the Si/SiO2 interface"
  May 24, 2012: Publication
Our paper entitled "Effect of p-type doping on the oxidation of H–Si(111) studied by second-harmonic generation" has been published in Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A.
February 27- March 2, 2012
Organic Electronics and Photonics - Photophysics and Excited State Dynamics
Cong presented his research in APS March meeting.



September 19-23, 2011: Invited Talk
Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces 9

Dr. Gundogdu will be giving an invited talk at this conference in Akumal, Mexico.

  August 20, 2011:
Chao Xu
joined our group
  May 5, 2011: Invited Lead Article
Our invited paper entitled " Back-reflection Second-harmonic Generation of (111)Si: Theory and Experiment " has been published as the lead article in the Journal of the Korean Physical Society
  March 23, 2011: Publication
Our paper about the effect of compressive and tensile strain on the oxidation kinetics of (111) Si has been published in Applied Physics Letters.
  January 14, 2011: Award
Bilal Gokce has won the best poster award for his poster about our PNAS and APL paper. Bilal presented his poster at the 14th Annual Southeast Ultrafast Conference (SEUFC) 2011
Oak Ridge, TN. His poster was selected best among 30 poster presentations about nonlinear optics.
  January 11, 2011: Publication
Our paper entitled "Bond-specific reaction kinetics during the oxidation of (111) Si: Effect of n-type doping" has been published in Applied Physics Letters.



October 7, 2010: Our research is featured on the News:
NC State Newsroom,, EurekAlert, nanowerk, ScienceDaily.

  September 27, 2010: Publication
Our paper on controlling surface chemistry using SHG has been published in the Early Edition of PNAS.
  July 25-30, 2010: Conference Talk
30th ICPS in Seoul, Korea

“Bond-specific evolution of oxidation of H-terminated (111)Si measured by second-harmonic generation”
Bilal Gokce, David E. Aspnes, Eric J. Adles, Kenan Gundogdu
  July 19-25, 2010: Summer School
Epioptics-11 Summer School in Erice- Sicily, Italy

Dr. Gundogdu will be teaching at this summer school
  May 23-28, 2010: Conference Talk
5th ICSE in Albany, NY

“Observation of bond-by-bond interface formation during the oxidation of (111)Si”
Kenan Gundogdu, Bilal Gokce, David E. Aspnes, Eric J. Adles


  November 8-9, 2009: Conference Talk
AVS 56th Symposium in San Jose, CA

“Observation of Realtime Oxidation of Si(111) Surfaces using Second Harmonic Generation”
Kenan Gundogdu, Bilal Gokce, Eric J. Adles, David E. Aspnes

August 13, 2009:
Cong Mai
joined our group

  January 16, 2009:
Bilal Gokce
joined our group
  September 1, 2008:
Dr. Kenan Gundogdu
joined the Physics Department
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