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Who do I see about...

Academic Issues

Student problems with labs and TAs
Robert Egler
Undergraduate Lab Supervisor
Office: Fox Labs 236
Phone: (919) 515-7842
Email Robert Egler
Submitting or changing grades
Keith Warren
Assistant Department Head
Office: Riddick Suite 421
Phone: (919) 513-2708
Email Keith Warren
Requests for classroom demonstrations
Demo Webpage
Phone: (919) 515-2910
Email the demoroom
Students interested in majoring in physics
David Brown
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Office: Riddick Suite 319F
Phone: (919) 515-7471
Email Dr. Brown
Students interested in minoring in physics
Stephen Reynolds
Office: Riddick Suite 400J
Phone: (919) 515-7751
Email Dr. Reynolds
Graduate program
Dave Aspnes
Director of Graduate Programs
Office: 204 Riddick
Phone: (919) 515-4261
Email the graduate program

Financial/Personnel Issues

Payroll, timesheets, and checks
Chastity Buehring
Contracts & Grants
Office: Riddick, Suite 421
Phone: (919) 513-4033
Email Chastity
Graduate payroll issues or questions
Rhonda Bennett
Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: 204 Riddick
Phone: (919) 513-2182
Email Rhonda
Ashley Dyer
Accounting Technician
Office: Riddick, Suite 421
Phone: (919) 515-2512
Email Ashley
Hiring a post-doc
Jamarcus Squire
Office: 420 Riddick
Phone: (919) 515-7772
Email Jamarcus

Miscellaneous Issues

Physics IT Support
Keys and building access
Ashley Dyer
Office: 424 Riddick
Phone: (919) 515-2512
Online key request form
Online badge request form
Scheduling a conference room
Online conference room calendars
Something wrong with the building/rooms/elevators
Email Physics Department