PY209 (PY208 Lab)



Ř Link to Lab schedule (What experiment you will do each week)

Ř Link to TA Teaching Schedule (Who is teaching your lab, scroll down to find your lab.)

Ř Link to TA Email Addresses


WebAssign: A WebAssign account is REQUIRED for every student in Physics lab.  Go to . The WebAssign license for lab assignments should be purchased from WebAssign at  In addition to lab assignments, this license includes the lab eManual, so a separate lab manual does not need to be purchased. )



1) See the Moodle page for the class key for YOUR lab section.  You must register on WebAssign for the SAME lab section you are registered for on Mypack (NOT your section on Moodle, everyone is in section 001 on Moodle!).

2) **IF** WebAssign asks for your ID number, enter your actual 9-diget ID NUMBER, NOT your Unity ID.  Your ID number looks like this: 123456789, ALL numbers, NO letters or symbols.

3) If you do not follow the above instructions your WebAssign lab scores will not be associated with you in the gradebook, and YOU WILL NOT GET A GRADE for the course.


Where’s the lab manual? The lab manual is available from the “My ebooks” link to the left of the top center on your lab WebAssign page.

Adding a lab section after the 'Last day to add a course without permission of instructor' is NOT allowed.  Adding or switching a lab section for any reason after the University's Drop/Add Deadline it must be approved by the Assistant Department Head: Keith Warren, in Riddick 421.

Cancelled Labs:  Labs are cancelled ONLY if classes are officially cancelled by the University.  If classes are not officially cancelled, labs will meet as usual. Students do not have to make up cancelled labs. Cancelled labs are not rescheduled, all other labs will meet as originally scheduled.

Where is the lab schedule? The lab schedule is linked from the webpage for each lab. Start at and click on your course from the menu at the top of the page.

Missing a lab: You are expected to attend all labs. There are no make-up labs for ANY reason.  In certain circumstance you may be excused from ONE lab.

If you will miss a lab due to being a participant in a scheduled official University event you can present your Lab Instructor with a copy of the official letter stating your participation and will be excused from that lab.

For ALL other requests for lab exemptions, you must download and fill out the
Lab Exemption Request Form, and submit it to the Director of Undergraduate Labs, Robert Egler ( within 7 days of the missed lab.

Expectations of All Lab Students:

·         You must arrive on time. Students more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed to complete the lab.

·         You must bring a writing utensil and a calculator.

·         You are expected to be a good group member:

·         Include all members of the group in lab activities.

·         Work effectively and efficiently as a group member.

·         Assist other group members when needed.

Plagiarism and Working Together:  It can be a fine line between working together (which is fine) and having the same wording in your answer (which we will count as cheating). Please complete all WebAssign free response questions in your own words. Data collected from previous semesters (even if it was collected by YOU) or data that is collected by your group members while you were not present, or an answer with wording essentially identical to someone else in your lab group is not acceptable.  All suspected plagiarism will be evaluated, and action will be taken to punish the violators.

Supporting Fellow Students in Distress: As members of the NC State Wolfpack community, we each share a personal responsibility to express concern for one another and to ensure that this classroom and the campus as a whole remains a safe environment for learning.  Occasionally, you may come across a fellow classmate whose personal behavior concerns or worries you. When this is the case, we encourage you to report this behavior to the NC State Students of Concern website: you can report anonymously, it is preferred that you share your contact information so they can follow-up with you personally.


Accommodations for students with disabilities:  Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities, registered with NC State Disability Services for Students, room 1900 Student Health Center.  The University policy on Working with Students with Disabilities is available on-line at: 

_______________                 _____


ALL LAB GRADES ARE CONSIDERED FINAL at 5:00 PM on the LAST day of class. ALL discrepancies in grades should be brought to your Lab Instructor’s attention BEFORE that time.



For PY206 and PY209:

These one credit courses are graded on the un-weighted average of all lab assignments.  Your lab grade does not affect your grade in PY205 or PY208. The grading scale is below.

Scores will be rounded to the nearest whole number, with 0.5 and up scores going up to the next highest %, 0.4 scores and below going down to the next lowest %.  For example, 79.45 rounds to 79.5 which rounds to 80%, 79.44 rounds to 79.4 which rounds to 79%

      A+ = 97 and up                       A = 93 to 96                            A- = 90 to 92
      B+ = 87 to 89                           B = 83 to 87                            B- = 80 to 82
      C+ = 77 to 79                           C = 73 to 77                            C- = 70 to 72
      D+ = 67 to 69                           D = 63 to 67                            D- = 60 to 62
      F = < 60