PY131 Lab



Ø Link to Lab schedule (What experiment you will do each week)

Ø Link to TA Teaching Schedule (Who is teaching your lab, scroll down to find your lab.)

Ø Link to TA Email Addresses



Lab Structure:

·         All PY 131 labs are completed by each student in WebAssign.

You MUST use the NC State Specific webpage for webassign login :

The labs are mostly ‘stand-alone.’ Students should be able read through and complete the labs with only the information given in WebAssign and a video

·         Video’s for PY131 labs are on YouTube,

·         Additional data sheets when needed are available in WebAssign under “additional resources

·         Addition assistance will be given via Piazza (see below).

·         Students will collect/analyze data for each lab from online videos

·         Each lab consists of a prelab, and inlab, and a postlab assignment, all on WebAssign

General Schedule:

For ALL PY131 lab sections:

·         ALL Pre-labs will open 7 days before the lab (8:00 AM the preceding Monday) Pre-labs are due at 8:00 AM the day (Monday) of the lab

·         ALL in-Labs will open at 8:00 Monday. In-labs are due 11:59 PM Wednesday

·         ALL post-labs will open 8:00 Monday. Post-labs are due in 7 days (the following Monday) at 8:00 AM

·         Refer to the Lab Schedule link at the top of this page for the complete schedule.


·         Students will be able ask lab content questions in Piazza.

·         Piazza is an online forum where questions can be answered by lab TAs, course instructors, as well as other students.

·         Questions can be submitted publicly or privately. The intent of public questions is to encourage students to work together as well as to avoid the same questions being asked and answered multiple times. Please take a few minutes to read through previously submitted questions to see if yours has already been asked.

·         Questions may be submitted at any time, but TAs will be “on Duty” a times to be posted later on Moodle

·         Director of Undergraduate Physics Laboratory: Robert Egler

·         IMPORTANT: DO not request extensions through WebAssign.  To request an extension, email your TA directly TA email address will be available from the link at the top of this page

A WebAssign account is REQUIRED for every student in Physics lab.  Go to . The WebAssign license for lab assignments should be purchased from WebAssign at 

Adding a lab section after the 'Last day to add a course without permission of instructor' is NOT allowed.  Adding or switching a lab section for any reason after the University's Drop/Add Deadline it must be approved by the Assistant Department Head: Keith Warren,

Missing an assignment:  All assignments will count, i.e. none are automatically dropped.  Students may receive an extension for one or two days past the original due date with a 25% penalty by emailing your lab TA (see above for contact information). 

Extensions must be requested within 24 hours of the original deadline except in extreme emergency circumstances.  Extension requests submitted after that time will not be granted.

The penalty will be waved when a student has a documented excuse that complies with the university policy described here:, such as a documented illness or a family emergency. 


Expectations of All Lab Students

Plagiarism and Working Together:  You should complete all WebAssign free response questions on your own. Data collected from previous semesters (even if it was collected by YOU) or data that is collected by your group members while you were not present, or an answer with wording essentially identical to someone else in your lab group is not acceptable.  All suspected plagiarism will be evaluated and action will be taken to punish the violators.


Supporting Fellow Students in Distress: As members of the NC State Wolfpack community, we each share a personal responsibility to express concern for one another and to ensure that this classroom and the campus as a whole remains a safe environment for learning.  Occasionally, you may come across a fellow classmate whose personal behavior concerns or worries you. When this is the case, we encourage you to report this behavior to the NC State Students of Concern website:  Although you can report anonymously, it is preferred that you share your contact information so they can follow-up with you personally.


Accommodations for students with disabilities:  Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities, registered with NC State Disability Services for Students, room 1900 Student Health Center.  The University policy on Working with Students with Disabilities is available on-line at: 


WebAssign will automatically grade your assignment after the completion deadline has passed with the exception of short response questions. Your TA will grade the short response as well as check WebAssign’s ‘automatic grading’ a few days after the completion deadline.


It is YOUR responsibility to email your TA if you have any questions or concerns about your grade and or assignment deadlines.  However, please submit all lab content questions through Piazza.


ALL LAB GRADES ARE CONSIDERED FINAL at 11:59 PM on the last day that classes meet.  ALL discrepancies in grades should be brought to your Lab TA’s attention BEFORE that time.



For PY131, PY211, and PY212:

Your lab score will be based on the weighted average of all lab will count as 10% of your course grade; you do not get a separate grade for lab.


·         The overall lab grade is worth 10% of your overall class grade. If you receive less than a 50% in lab you will receive an F in the lecture class, regardless of your other grades in lecture.

The labs will be worth 100 points:

o    Pre Lab- 20 points

o    In Lab assignment and participation- 50 points

o    Post Lab- 30 points

Your grades will be kept on WebAssign. It is YOUR responsibility to email your TA if you have any problems, or your grades were recorded incorrectly.






Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, public health measures have been implemented across campus.  Students should stay current with these practices and expectations through the Protect the Pack website ( The sections below provide expectations and conduct related to COVID-19 issues.

Health and Participation in Class  

We are most concerned about your health and the health of your classmates and instructors/TAs. 

Health and Well-Being Resources

These are difficult times, and academic and personal stress are natural results. Everyone is encouraged to take care of themselves and their peers. If you need additional support, there are many resources on campus to help you:

Community Standards related to COVID-19

We are all responsible for protecting ourselves and our community.  Please see the community standards (released on 7/28/2020) and Rule 04.21.01 regarding Personal Safety Requirements Related to COVID-19  RUL 04.21.01 – Personal Safety Requirements Related to COVID-19 – Policies, Regulations & Rules.

Course Expectations Related to COVID-19:


Course Delivery Changes Related to COVID-19

Please be aware that the situation regarding COVID-19 is frequently changing, and the delivery mode of this course may need to change accordingly, including from in-person to online.  Regardless of the delivery method, we will strive to provide a high-quality learning experience.  

Grading/Scheduling Changing Options Related to COVID-19

If the delivery mode has a negative impact on your academic performance in this course, the university has provided tools to potentially reduce the impact:  

In some cases, another option may be to request an incomplete in the course. Before using any of these tools, discuss the options with your instructor and your academic advisor. Be aware that if you use the enhanced S/U, you will still need to complete the course and receive at least a C- to pass the course.    

Other Important Resources