Our group conducts scientific inquiry at the forefront of nanoscale physics research. Interdisciplinary in nature, these experiments require broadbased expertise, spanning the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

Above: Daniela Fontecha and Honglu Huang fabricate unique polymer nanocomposite samples, perform strength testing on EaRL's Instron, then analyze mechanical data.

General information concerning the research projects and an overview of some of the experimental techniques which we employ may be found using the links to right.

Below: Derrick Stevens adjusts a micromanipulator on the probe station.

Inquiries regarding specific research projects should be emailed to Dr. Laura Clarke.

Above left: Casey de Deugd and Laura Guy calibrate the ellipsometer.
Above right: Laura Guy measures the thickness of a monolayer film sample.

A listing of other research groups with whom we have ongoing coordinated projects can be found following the Collaborators link on the right side.