• We fabricate samples comprised of collections of nanofibers, formed from a polymer doped with conducting nano-materials such as carbon nanotubes or metal nanoparticles. The dopants act to enhance the intrinsic physical properties of the polymer matrix creating a nanocomposite. As schematically depicted below, random mats of nanofibers are produced by electrospinning a solution containing particles and the polymer of interest.

  • In traditional needle electrospinning (TNE), positive high voltage is applied between the conducting needle and the grounded collector. The charged solution is forced out of the confined aperture (e.g., needle) by a precision syringe pump, and then driven by the electrostatic forces, generating a Taylor cone, linear region, and whipping region. The dried nanometer-sized fibers formed are deposited in random orientations onto the collector plate where they can be utilized for subsequent mechnical or electrical measurements.