Chaos Computing

The last fifty years of computing were all about Moore’s law and more and more transistors that ran faster and faster on integrated circuit computer chips. The culmination of that path has revolutionized the world but today this approach is delivering diminishing returns. As we approach the limits of physics for conventional process technology, transistor scaling is losing its economic value because the manufacturing costs associated per bit are starting to increase.
Now imagine if we could design and manufacture, using the existing trillion-dollar design and manufacturing infrastructure, to build computer systems where:
• Every logic gate is universal
• The Central Processing Unit of every computer is supplanted by the Central Morphing Processing Unit (CMPU)
  1. Where every line of every piece of software can instruct the CMPU to change all or part of its transistor real estate to morph into a custom chip optimized to run that instruction
  2. Where having a CMPU makes 10 transistors look like a 10,000 transistors, where a billion transistors do the work of a trillion transistors
  3. Where a single universal logic gate by itself can be iterated to do many calculations that typically require hundreds of static logic gates
  4. Where every universal logic gate can also do analog functions
  5. Where every computer chip can automatically morph to repair itself if some subset of its transistors malfunction
  6. Where a CMPU can morph all or part of its chip real estate to meet cyber threats real time but reallocate those resources when the threat is over
  7. Where reducing size and power now means more creative morphing of universal hardware rather than a long and costly R&D cycles to creatively circumvent Moore’s law
  8. Where the internet of things can do more than communicate but morph the hardware of the internet of things
  9. Where interconnected devices can change each others hardware to work better together
  10. Where STATIC computer architectures will no longer be able to compete with cheaper, faster and more responsive morphable computer and controller architectures
  11. Where every computer chip has the ability to adapt and optimize to the individual task at every specific moment
  12. Where internet-service providers can avoid buying another 100 thousand servers to enable faster searching by deploying software calls to the hardware of individual devices to morph to speed queries and delivery of information in addition to having 100 thousand servers being replaced with a 1000 morphable “uber” search engine servers.
  13. Where every chip can be morphed on the fly to be a custom hardware HADOOP partner

Our universal morphable chaos based architectures can helps us avoid trillion dollar R&D development cycles that only deliver marginal future gains.

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A Chaos Computing integrated circuit, which can be programmed to implement different gates.