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Behnam Kia, PhD

Research Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Nonlinear Artificial Intelligence Lab

Behnam Kia received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2011. After graduation, Behnam joined University of Hawaii’s physics department as a faculty. In 2015 Behnam moved to North Carolina State University and he has been a research assistant professor at the Physics department and Electrical and Computer Engineering department. His main field of research is Chaotic and Stochastic Computing.

Behnam Kia is an engineer/scientist, who works not only on theory but also on the application and implementation sides of the theory. Signal processing and machine learning are the main application fields that he has targeted and succeeded in introducing nonlinear and stochastic solutions to. More specifically, Chaos Computing is Behnam’s main current project. Besides Chaos Computing, he has other ongoing research work, such as Chaos Based Speech Coding and Synthesis, Chaos Based Adaptive Systems, and Chaos-Based Stochastic Computing.
Behnam Kia’s research work has been published in over 30 peer reviewed journal papers, and in addition, 8 patents have been filed based on his research work.
He is a Co-Principal Investigator in the Chaos Computing STTR project, where he and his collaborators are fabricating and commercializing Chaos Computing applications.
Behnam is a member of IEEE and American Physical Society.

Behnam Kia’s CV.