At the Applied Chaos Lab, application and commercialization of research results are as important as the theory and the research. Our mission at the Applied Chaos Lab is to discover and introduce new applications for nonlinear dynamical systems theory and chaos to address the needs and problems of the society and human life. Cardiac Arrhythmia Stabilization, Prediction and Control of Epilepsy, and Chaos Computing are a few examples to name. To see the complete list of the patents of the Applied Chaos Lab, please see Patents webpage.

Currently, the Applied Chaos Lab has teamed up with an IC design company, FirstPass Engineering, to commercialize Chaos Computing. The team has been awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant, funded by the Office of Naval Research. The team has successfully finished a phase I STTR project, and been awarded a Phase II STTR. This project includes fabricating a series of test IC chips for dynamics based computing. To read more about this STTR project and its progress please go to STTR webpage.