May 26-30, 2014

Raleigh, NC, USA

Welcome to Light Cone 2014

We invite you to participate in the forthcoming Light Cone 2014 (LC2014) meeting, to be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, during May 26-30, 2014.

In anticipation of opportunities afforded by new facilities such as the 12 GeV upgrade of Jefferson Lab, the FAIR facility at GSI, J-PARC, and other facilities around the globe, we plan to organize a timely scientific program to make a representative impact on the forefront research development of nuclear, hadron and particle physics. A main focus of the meeting will be the interface between theory and experiment in hadron physics. We encourage many young physicists to join and actively discuss with the world experts participating in this meeting.

Local Organizing Committee

Chueng Ji - NCSU Workshop Chair
Wally Melnitchouk - JLab
Haiyan Gao - Duke University
Dean Lee - NCSU
Thomas Schäfer - NCSU
Mithat Ünsal - NCSU
John Blondin - NCSU
Leslie Cochran and Rhonda Bennett - Administrative Support

Meeting Sponsors

NC State Department of Physics
NC State College of Sciences
Jefferson Lab