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Undergraduate Physics Research

Active participation in research is an important part of the undergraduate experience at NCSU. Student participation is welcome in virtually all of the research programs in the Physics Department, as well as in labs in other departments associated with Physics.

Undergraduate Research Coordinator: Dr. Karen Daniels (kdaniel{at}

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

  • On-campus research: arranged by contacting faculty directly, or by using this form. Learn about current research topics from the department webpage
    • PY499: research for academic credit (required for departmental Honors)
    • Undergraduate Research Awards: deadlines each fall and spring semester, requires preparing a project proposal and a budget with support from a faculty member, can be either individual or group projects. New in 2015: room & board grants available for on-campus summer research.
    • Undergraduate research assistantships: some faculty are able to pay students during the summer or during the school year through external grants from the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, etc.
    • URCA summer program in computational astrophysics
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): paid research internships in university labs across the country, with most deadlines in Jan-Feb for 10-week summer programs.Physics and Applied Physics opportunities can be found in many of the categories listed.


  • National Labs: paid internships at federally-funded research labs across the country, with most deadlines in Jan-Feb for 10-week summer programs
  • International: highly competitive internships, typically cover travel and living expenses abroad

Presenting Research