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Directory of Faculty & Staff - Hover over linked buildings and phones for alternate information

Name Tel Building Room Title E-mail Address

Ade, Harald 515-1331 Partners III 157 Professor
Arakelyan, Ilya 515-4476 Riddick 208 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Aspnes, David E. 515-4261 PIII 147 Professor
Babin, Volodymyr 513-0317 Riddick 319B Research Assisstant Professor
Beichner, Robert J. 515-7226 Riddick 246 Professor
Bennett, Rhonda 513-2182 Riddick 204 Graduate Program Coordinator
Bernholc, Jerzy 515-3126 PIII 121 Professor
Blondin, John M. 515-2522 Riddick Suite 428 Professor and Head
Bluhm, Marcus 513-3686 Riddick 410D Postdoctoral Research Associate
Borkowski, Kazimierz 515-7287 Riddick 400H Research Professor
Bochinski, Jason 513-7939 Riddick 142 Research Assistant Professor
Briggs, Emil Research Scientist
Brown, J. David 515-7471 Riddick 319F Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Brzinski, Theodore 513-3914 Riddick 252 Post Doctoral Research Associate
Buehring, Chastity 513-4033 Riddick Suite 421 Accounting Technician
Chabay, Ruth Professor Emerita
Chung, Kwong T. Professor Emeritus
Casanova Bustamante, Jordi 513-7177 Riddick 406 Postdoctoral Research Associate

Clarke, Laura I. 513-7359 Riddick 143 Associate Professor
Cook, James W., Jr. Professor Emeritus
Cochran, Leslie 513-4803 PIII 120F Administrative Support Associate
Cotanch, Stephen R. 515-3316 Riddick 400B Professor
Cui, Lili 513-7935 Riddick 436 Teaching Assistant Professor
Daniels, Karen 513-7921 Riddick 258C Associate Professor
Davis, William R. Professor Emeritus
Dinku, Abay 515-8537 Partners III 151 Research Assistant Professor
Dougherty, Daniel 513-2610 PIII 155 Assistant Professor
Egler, Robert A. 515-7842 Fox Labs 236 Director of Instructional Labs and Senior Lecturer

Ellison, Donald C. 515-7227 Riddick 400L Professor Emeritus
Fallest, David 515-0816 Riddick 306 Post Doctoral Teaching Associate
Fornes, Raymond E. Professor Emeritus
Fröhlich, Carla 515-3441 Riddick 400K Assistant Professor
Gautam, Bhoj 513-7650 Riddick 102 Postdoc
Golub, Bob 513-0357 Riddick 160B Professor
Gundogdu, Kenan 513-3409 Riddick 145 Assistant Professor
Gould, Christopher R. 515-8760 Cox 116 Professor
Haase, David G. 513-7023 Riddick 160E Professor
Hall, George L. Professor Emeritus
Hallen, Hans 515-6314 Riddick 258F Professor
Heyward, Keith 513-3001 Riddick 309 Teaching Assistant Professor
Hodak, Miroslav 513-0325 PIII 127 Research Assistant Professor
Hubisz, John 515-2515 Riddick 110 Visiting Faculty
Huffman, Paul 515-3314 Riddick 160D Professor
Hunt, Adrian Partners 139 Post Doctoral Research Associate
Jenkins, Stephen R. 513-8302 Riddick 304 Computer Systems Administrator
Ji, Chueng R. 515-3478 Riddick 400C Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

Johnson, Charles E. Professor Emeritus
Johnston, Karen L. Professor Emerita
Joseph, James 515-4476 Riddick 208 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Katzin, Gerald H. Professor Emeritus
Kaur, Parminder 515-0848 Riddick 147 Post Doctoral Research Associate
Kelley, John 660-2631 TUNL Research Associate Professor
Kneller, James 513-4826 Riddick 400e Assistant Professor
Krim, Jacqueline 513-2684 PIII 145 Professor
Kroll, Jiri LANL Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lado, Fred 515-7050 Riddick Suite 445 Professor Emeritus
Lazzati, Davide Adjunct Associate Professor
Lee, Dean 513-0515 Riddick 400D Professor
Leung, Kent 513-0337 Riddick 160H Post Doctoral Research Associate
Lewis, Zach 515-3213 Riddick 443 Tutorial Center Coordinator
Lim, Shuang Fang 513-0842 Riddick 258D Assistant Professor
Lin, Jiangguo 515-8048 Riddick 147 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Longland, Richard 515-3398 Riddick 160B Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lu, Wengchang 513-4632 PIII 123 Research Associate Professor
Lucovsky, Gerry 515-3301 Riddick Suite 445 Professor
Man, Viet 515-3111 Riddick 319G Postdoctoral Research Associate
McLaughlin, Gail 513-0516 Riddick 400G Professor
Mehta, Vijaya 513-3002 Riddick Researcher
Memory, Jasper Professor Emeritus
Mitas, Lubos 513-0406 PIII 120B Professor
Mitchell, Gary E. Riddick 160B Professor Emeritus
Mukherjee, Subhrangsu 515-3038 Partners III 139 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Nail, Blair 515-2512 Riddick 421 Administrative Support Associate
Paesler, Michael A. 513-2184 Riddick Suite 445 Professor
Pan, Hai
Park, Jae Y. Professor Emeritus
Parker, George W. Riddick Suite 445 Associate Professor Emeritus
Patty, Richard R. 515-7339 Riddick Suite 445 Professor Emeritus
Pearl, Thomas P. Adjunct Professor
Philbrick, Russel 513-7174 Riddick Suite 445 Research Professor
Qiu, Ruoyi 513-7650 Riddick 102 Post Doctoral Research Associate
Reynolds, Stephen P. 515-7751 Riddick 400J Professor
Riehn, Robert 513-0841 Riddick 258B Associate Professor
Robinson, Bill 515-7074 Riddick 441 Lecturer
Roland, Christopher 515-3170 PIII 120D Professor
Rowe, Jack 515-3225 PIII 157 Research Professor
Sacho, Elizabeth 513-7650 Riddick 102 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Sagui, Celeste 515-3111 Riddick 319C Professor
Savage, Rebecca J. 515-2522 Riddick Suite 421 Executive Assistant
Schäfer, Thomas 513-7199 Riddick 400F Professor
Sherwood, Bruce Professor Emeritus
Stiles, Phillip 515-3416 Riddick Suite 445 Professor Emeritus
Sulejmanpasic, Tin Riddick 404 Postdoctoral Research Associate Thomas, John E. 515-5966 Riddick 245 Professor
Tilley, D. Ronald Professor Emeritus
Ulrich, Marc 513-4839 RBII 100E Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ünsal, Mithat 515-7914 Riddick 400M Associate Professor
Vaananen, Daavid 515-4194 Riddick 408 Postdoctoral Researcher Wang, Hong 513-7203 Riddick 258E Assistant Professor
Warren, Keith 513-2708 Riddick Suite 421 Senior Lecturer,and Assistant Department Head

Weninger, Keith 513-3696 Riddick 144 Associate Professor
Young, Albert 513-4596 Riddick 160C Professor